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Articles, Content and Blog Writing

Health, Wellness, and Women’s Issues

From the catchy headline to the call to action – I’ll create content that exceeds your expectations by using my extensive medical background. My research abilities are stellar, which means that the final copy will be evidenced-based, factual, and current. If you’re looking for content with a conversational tone that engages your readers – contact me to get started.

If you would like to take a look at a few things I’ve written – take a look at my blog or head over to my portfolio.

Editing and Proofreading Services

I love to write, but there is something about editing that sets my soul on fire! I think it comes from being a creator at my core. It’s imperative to me during editing that I don’t lose the writer’s voice. I don’t want you to not recognize your own work. I want you to see your work and be amazed that a few new words, improved sentence structure, and properly placed commas made it flow.

So, you might wonder what the difference is between editing and proofreading – when I proofread – it’s the final review. I’m not reading to change anything, but rather to make sure what is written is correct. I have an eye for typos – so, if you need proofreading services – complete the Work With Me form here.

If you’re struggling with getting your final copy ready to publish – let’s get started – just send me a quick message here.


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