Maximize Your Time: How to Work From Home With Teenagers

It seems there is a lot of emphases these days on mommas who work from home to spend time with their littles. Well, I’m here to tell you, that being home with your teens is just as important as when they were little.

A little over a year ago I made the decision to step down from my management position and take a lower-level position in the company to be afforded the ability to work from home. I had two reasons for doing this:
I wanted to begin building my freelance writing career, the one I always dreamed about.
I wanted to be home when my teens where home.

Most people quickly understood reason #1. But, many people looked at me like I was crazy when I said that I wanted to be home more often with my teens. Several people asked, ‘What do they need from you?” Well, this was kind of a loaded question! Teens are kids too and they certainly still need their mommas. As this question was posed more often by more people, I created my answer – the teen years and much like the toddler years, they are stretching their wings and practicing independence, but the stakes are much higher, and the boo-boos run deeper.

This made sense to some people, and probably further confused the others. Over the past year, I have learned some unique lessons about how to successfully work with my teens in the house.

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Work Early
Teens love to sleep in! And, as long as they don’t have plans or work – I let them. With two seniors and one sophomore in the house, the luxury of sleeping in won’t be afforded to them for many more years. So, while they sleep – momma works.

Break for Them
My tasks tend to be cut up into small work sessions when they’re home. They don’t need or even want much of my time, but when they’re in a chatty mood, I take the time to talk with them or just listen. I know my days with kids in the house are numbered, so I’m trying to soak it up while I can.

We love to text in this house. If I have an early morning call and I’m not sure if they’re awake yet, I send a quick text to let them know the time of my meeting and approximately how long it will last. This way, they know to wait until I’m free to come down to talk about the latest gossip they learned the night before or ask what’s for breakfast.

Ask Their Opinions
This is one of the things I love about having my kids at home. If I need someone to read an article or give an opinion on a topic – they are there for it! I mean teenagers love giving their views. And, often it’s a great way to launch into deep conversations with them about current events.

Cherish the Time
I was home part-time with my kids when they were little. Today, I’m home, and I love it! If someone is ill – no worries – mom can run to school pick them up. If a car breaks down, I’m on it. If a form didn’t get signed the night before, they can take a picture, text it to me and I can print, sign, and scan the document back to them in no time.

I never have to ask my boss’s permission to go get a sick kid, leave early for a lacrosse game, or to take an extra 15-minute break when someone is having a crisis. I cherish this time and the memories we make each day.

I hope that someday, my kids tell me how important it was that I was home with them every day for those last few years before they took on the world.

1 thought on “Maximize Your Time: How to Work From Home With Teenagers

  1. Carolyn Kilgore August 31, 2018 — 4:54 pm

    This is possibly my favorite article you’ve written.


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